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About me

Hi! I’m Antoine. I’m a software engineer at Hasura, and currently based in Dublin. I like programming languages, and the things we can do with them. I mostly use Haskell nowadays, but have experience with a lot of languages, including esoteric ones such as Brainfuck or Piet. I like electronic music, I’m fascinated by symmetry, I sometimes take pictures, and I’d love to challenge you at a game of Super Smash Bros.

My pronouns are they/them. non-binary pride flag

My work

I’ve been lucky to have the opportunities to explore a lot of different facets of software engineering: I’ve done some game development, a small amount of demoscene work, I’ve been an SRE for Google for a few years…

My current passion is the Haskell programming language, and I try when possible to share that enthusiasm:

You can find some of my work and all my abandoned side-projects on Github.