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Who am I?

Hi! I’m Antoine Leblanc (although I usually go by the nickname Nicuvëo). I’m a software engineer at Criteo and the co-founder of Altribe, a (now defunkt) video-game startup.

Amidst my main interests, one can notice a particular taste in programming languages wizardry. I’ve been an enthusiastic C++ developer for years and I’m now using C# at work, but I’ve also learnt / used / tried / played with several others, including but not limited to: Python, Brainfuck, Haskell, Piet, Ruby, Rust…

What’s with this site?

This small site I’ll use as my tech blog, trying to write about the kind of geeky stuff I discover / learn / do, be it about sanity-defying C++ preprocessing, semi-regular tilings or Haskell / Rust propaganda.

It also features a small list of projects on which I’m working and that I plan to release at some (distant) point in the future.

Is that all I do?

Nope! I also sing in a choir (come and listen to us if you’re in Paris!), try to write (in French) about video games (and the indie game scene, mostly), and draw some weird geometrical stuff.

If you’re interested in contacting me / seeing more of what I do, you can: