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Here’s a short list of projects on which I spend some of my free time. Most are made with my favourite tools, those I know the most: C++ and boost. As they are side-projects, they aren’t subjects to deadlines and explicit specifications; which is the reason why there are also a showcase for my two weaknesses: over-design and NIH syndrome.

Over-design is the reason why most of those projects are libraries. When facing a specific problem, I usually find it more interesting to try to solve the whole class of similar problems and write a small generic library to do it. The downside of this “perfectionist” approach is of course that it slows down everything…

My taste for NIH is the result of both my will to understand how things work and my “disdain” for anything not in the standard library of my current language (boost being the exception). For instance, when working on an old GUI-related project, I rewrote my own wrappers around libpng and libjpeg


A Minimalistic Maths Library.

The MML was born as a collection of various maths tools that I needed at some point in some of my projects. It is now a rather unified library that focuses on fundamental 2D shapes.

It is a “headers only” library, as it relies on templates / macros to decide what types to use for value storage and for intermediate computations, and what relational operations to use on them.


A Minimalistic Color Library.

The idea of the MCL came from the need to have tools to interpolate colors and to convert back and forth from rgb and hsl. It went a bit further than that and now handles eight different color spaces, endomorphic color transformations, perceived color distance computations…


(Yet another) Sqlite3 API Wrapper.

Faced with the need to write some code using sqlite3’s C API, I’ve procrastinated the real task at hand by writing a C++ library wrapping it.

The goal of this small library is NOT to hide sqlite3’s API; if it aimed to do so, it would be far more complicated than it already is. Its goal is simply to facilitate some common sqlite3 tasks, such as managing database connections and statements. All wrapped structures such as Database and Statement provide access to the raw data that lies beneath.


  • Active development
  • TBA

A Minimalistic Widgets Library.

The MWL is my attempt at reinventing the GUI wheel. Based on a prior attempt to create a GUI library for OpenGL projects, it is now a renderer-agnostic library. It provides objects, behaviour and entry points, but it is up to the user of the library to translate external input and to decide how to render each element.


  • On hold
  • TBA

A tower defense game with adaptive enemy behavior.

The game is centered around the notion of enemy “personality”: each enemy adapts its behavior and path according to its goal, its personality, its mood… Development is currently on hold, but there’s already a proof of concept on Youtube, please see below.


A Robozzle solver.

Having spent a lot of time on Robozzle, a fun programming game, we decided with a friend to try and write a piece of software that would solve the levels for us. We knew it was probably a NP problem, but why would that stop us? The project is unfinished and abandoned, but it almost works (although rather slowly, as expected).